How to select a poker tournament?

Discovering some things about you is what will help you determine which tournament to play, in the same way, you must select in the poker game which type of tournament you want to play. You can essentially identify players of three types in the case of online poker. Without taking into consideration the specific characteristics of the game of poker, it may be reflected in some of the three broad categories mentioned below:

The amateur

It is about anyone who simply has fun playing; this does not mean that he is a bad player or that he bets a lot, the purpose of the fan is more informal. For the Amateur, the bankroll administration is not a concern; maybe he does not even have one. Looking for a low fixed income is the goal, which is why the tournaments with these characteristics are chosen by the fans, have the opportunity of a decent prize won in cash and enjoy the emotion that this means when playing.

The expert in cash games

This category includes players who obtain a sum of money in online poker games. They use the online game as a break from the routine, participating in occasional tournaments. The objective of the cash game expert is to win a big prize by playing a poker tournament; he will also play in case he finds a set of low skills in a particular tournament.

The tournament addict

Tournaments can be classified as the guide for many players, whether amateur or professional, players tend to coincide at the same point. Participate in online poker tournaments whereas online games will be the places where you can find them. They usually have a bankroll separate from the regular games for online poker games, so they can differentiate between winnings and bets when playing.

Five steps to select a perfect poker tournament

To define your personal style of a poker game, here are five steps and you will have an almost perfect option.

Step one: investigate the field size that interests you.

Do you want to play against thousands of players or dozens of them? It is important to know the name of the game in a tournament because less experienced players will enter and the good players will take the money that the first ones have bet. That means that playing against the fish will give good players an advantage and they will have a better chance of winning. This means that roughly the ROI of the expert players will be much higher in tournament fields.

The smaller tournaments mean more skilled opponents, for this reason, it is much better to play a massive tournament since it is proven that there is less variance in the smaller fields. Entering tournaments with fewer players may result in you losing as it is against large tournament fields.

When you enter to play in smaller fields, there is a greater chance that you will get big profits; in this case, one of the most famous tournaments is that of Catch-22.

Step Two: Establish the ideal purchase.

The skill levels of the players are what will define the number of bets and money that you will use to play. Remember to choose a tournament that is commensurate with your financial availability. You must be prepared to lose when you enter a pool game where it is evident that most players are more expert than you in the game, so in case you can lose the entire buy-in. This type of tournament is popular to play on all fans, being 100% fun. Playing in these tournaments is something recommended for amateurs because the financial availability and skill will be part of the learning to pass to the expert level, in this sense, you can calmly follow this rule. Even though it depends on you the amount of money that will be put into play, this will not be a distraction since you will only know the result at the final table.

Step three: Define the difficulty of the field to compete.

Although it was established in the previous step that those in point two that highly qualified players are the ones with the best chance of winning in larger buy-in tournaments, there is always an exception to the rule.

Prestige is a status that players must maintain, for this the players participate more in tournaments with greater publicity. The World Series of Poker is an example of this, as it is the biggest poker event, where the fans measure themselves with the big betting up to ten thousand to play in the tournament. Of course, not all the examples are so extreme. Of course, the relevant research must be done because these cases do not always occur, you can also find many people participating in strong online buy-in tournaments outside of their league.

Step Four: You must locate your ideal blind structure.

The amount of chips with which a tournament starts in relation to the blinds is known as the “blind structure”. It also allows knowing the fast increase those blinds over time, through this blind structure. For the amateur players, it is essential that the blinds go up very slowly, so they can have more excitement and fun, in the events where they start with a lot of chips. Obtaining more profits for your bets during some rounds, the skill of the player will be reduced the impact, thanks to this superficial structure.

The type of player who is difficult play situations make their best moves, when they are used to playing in tournaments, will choose deep pile games, since they are the games to which they are accustomed, for this reason, expert players always take into account which are the poker games that, although they are strong, match your abilities.

Step Five: Choose the best prize structure for purchase.

The cut taken by the house must be your primary concern. Small bets in online tournaments usually pay 10% of the house. If you are playing with a buy-in of more than $100 in a tournament, the house will pay a little less than a cut. Take as a warning that the super small tournaments of low bets with a rake of 20% or more, since fundamentally it can be playing with the format of the tournament in line harder possible, these have a huge rake and a structure, for that reason when playing You must be very careful online.